Wonder Women 2020

A new year, a new you – is that the saying? I should admit that prior to the last couple of years this saying was never something I understood or believed in. All of that has changed and I am absolutely heading into 2020 with the outlook of a new focus and a new me. With this comes a twist on how I share and write.

For the last 2 years I have had very specific goals. In 2018 it was pure survival – get through chemotherapy and surgeries and try to keep my life intact. 2019 was filled with trying to understand all that had occurred and find myself again while getting off of some meds – it was my year of mental survival. While there were bumps along the way, I think I achieved my overarching goals.

In reviewing the photos from 2019 this past weekend I can say that I was shocked to see 0926191030b_hdrall that had occurred. I really lived life this past year; traveling, working, seeing friends and family, and just saying YES (a bit too much…but who’s counting). All the while, I was focused on trying to make myself better. I completed my first triathlon, I started therapy (which may last forever), I got an executive coach, I started back at schooling and I spent a lot of time with charities and raising awareness/funding against breast cancer. Maybe it was a lot to take on, and I maybe I could have had a smaller focus to hit all of it out of the park – but it worked well enough. I am finishing this year satisfied with what has occurred and how life is Today. This satisfaction is what is driving me forward into 2020 to have a new focus and expand on what I started this past year.

I am so excited to share that I will continue this blog, on a more frequent basis than the past year, and turn the focus to other women. My reflections have shone a light on the women who have helped me to get through the toughest and happiest times in my life. Yes, there were men along the way, it is just that the women were there in a way men couldn’t be. I’m not only referring to the past 2 years, I am referring to every challenge I have ever faced. The women in my life are beyond incredible, they are inspirational day in and day out. I am here today, in this physical and mental state, due to all that I have learned from the women who have touched my life.

In the first blog post I noted that this page would not always be about cancer. While it took much longer than expected (who knew cancer took so long to beat?!), it is finally ready. It is time we share our ‘Moments of Courage’ – the moments in our lives which change our path, challenge us like we could never have thought and lead us to be the person we are in the present. I have begun this journey by asking some friends and family to share with me and with you. Specifically, to share their ‘Moments of Courage’ which have helped them do good, strive for better or be their best. Makes sense right? It is the name of this blog…Courage for Good, Better, Best.

Not one of us could tackle life’s challenges without the support and advice of those that surround us. I am honored to be surrounded by so many wonderful women – and now I am excited to share their Courage with you.

I leave this year by wishing you a safe and restful holiday. Enjoy time with the ones you love and take a moment to remember to love yourself enough to set your goals and intentions as we travel around the sun in 2020.

Happy New Year!


Here is a toast to you, Cheers 2019!



  1. Your journey has taken you around the sun full circle. You have experienced darkness, sunshine, and weathered a storm. Your bright eyes, smiling face, hit the floor running each morning attitude is part of your secret. Enjoy is a magical word. Enjoy 2020! Much love!

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  2. Your journey and story has been incredible. You are not the same person I met almost 5 years ago. I have enjoyed our friendship and the person you have become, no matter the circumstance. Looking forward to 2020!


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