Just Smile…It is not your fault

July is my favorite month of the year and this year was no exception.  I not only had my birthday to celebrate, I was celebrating being healthy and free from the worst parts of cancer.  It truly was a celebration and I got to live it up with friends and family coming to town.  In reality I think I have lived much of my life like a daily celebration so this wasn’t too off from my pre-cancer life.  My body was put to the test and I may have pushed the limits with my dietary choices which I am thankful I could do.  I had such an amazing time allowing myself to have fun and just feel good again.

These kiddos kept me laughing for a week straight.

There is nothing like good discussions and laughter over delicious food and drink and for these evenings I am grateful.  Now I can take a step back and get into a good routine of healthy eating and habits which will help to keep me cancer free.  I am guessing that ice cream every night won’t be sustainable.

The thunder and rain is rolling through Nashville as I write this and I am so glad!  The earth needed a good rain here just like I need a good cleanse of my body to put me on the right track.  In the time I was healing I read a ton on healthy lifestyles along with ways to try and prevent cancer.  Turns out there is no way to prevent cancer that we know of.  I did not give myself cancer by having an unhealthy lifestyle and I don’t have any of the genes that we know of today. Sure, there are certain factors which could have contributed but overall it wasn’t one just one thing.  I have said this many times and written about it previously, but I think I continue to say it aloud so I believe it myself.  Getting cancer IS NOT MY FAULT (you can re-enact Good Will Hunting here). With that said, I do know that the treatment I endured was only bearable because I was otherwise healthy.  I didn’t have to worry about surgical risks as much because I didn’t have any other risk factors (heart, obesity, smoking, etc), which made my recovery time faster than otherwise.

Now for that cleanse!  I have decided to partner with a dietitian along with my Camp Gladiator training to engrain healthy choices as habit in my daily life.  I have been preparing my kitchen for months and it is much easier to make healthy dishes when you only have good/whole ingredients to choose from.  I also have found that online grocery shopping and sticking to farmer’s markets has changed my world since I can’t add anything bad to the cart or be tempted in the store…it also saves a ton of time.  I  am looking forward to learning more and finding new ways to make better choices so that I feel energized and ready to face whatever else life has to throw at me.

I will share bits and pieces as I learn and find things that really work for me in daily life.  If you are interested in getting healthy and feeling better let me know – it is always great to have an accountability partner(s) who encourage you to make better choices.  Nutrition and exercise are the epitome of Good, Better, Best…you are never done and can always improve!

Just in case I haven’t shared my favorite quote before, which is the inspiration for this page:  “Good, better, best. Never let it rest.  ‘Til your good is better.  And your Better, Best.” – St. Jerome

I try to live by this quote every day.  Smile through the pain or the tough time because you can always make it better.

Thanks to my girls for an incredible birthday weekend!

Just Smile –



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