Delay for Strength

The top of the toughest hill of this race is very near.  Knowing that I must only endure one more chemotherapy treatment in a few weeks makes me jump for joy!  I am mentally making the jump right now since my muscles feel full of lead and my head is floating through space from this past week’s treatment. I sit here ever grateful that I only have one more time to take this poison before moving on to simpler treatments.

Last week I was not able to receive my chemotherapy due to my platelet count being significantly lower than ever before and much lower than my doctor would like to give treatment.  Therefore we delayed a week and allowed my body to heal so that I avoid any permanent damage from the effects.  This news for me was much harder than other news because it was prolonging this process in addition to seeing what the chemo was doing to my insides…knowing my blood counts were so low was scarier than I expected.  I had a harder time bouncing back from the news, especially because I was so tired even though my body was getting a longer break.  The end of the week was another tough one but it was quickly turned around by a great weekend with friends and laughter which could not have come at a better time.  I think all of the smiles and laughing is really what brought me back and prepared my body to take on treatment this past week.

It is truly amazing how being around friends and family you love will keep you healthy 20180331_145506.jpgand distracted from all the other aspects to life. The past two weeks have been full of friends and family.  I was lucky enough to have my sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephew come to visit me for the Easter holiday.  We had a window of beautiful weather in Nashville and enjoyed Cheekwood Gardens and frolicking around town a bit.  The kids enjoyed my karaoke microphone as much as I do and it made my entire weekend.

Your visits, phone calls and text messages are really keeping me going and now that I have completed my second to last treatment I know I will make it through just one day at a time. I write today only as a thank you for all of my friends and family who are getting me through this time.  Thank you for just being there, even when I am at my worst, in a bad mood, mad at my body or just plain silent.  Your patience and love hold me up even when I can’t express it.



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