Finding Wonder Woman

Growing up I spent a lot of time playing dress-up. The costumes varied drastically; teacher, waiter, bride, doctor, business woman, fashionista, bag lady, and so on. I am glad that we carry on the tradition of being someone else for a day through Halloween, but I am finding that sometimes we might need a little bit more dress-up in our lives. Dressing in a costume gives us a chance to let go of our day to day reality and focus on the qualities we see in others, or in the portrayals of someone.

This week while I feel strong and healthy I have spent a lot of time preparing for my surgery and upcoming treatment. Among the ongoing appointments I went wig shopping which was surprisingly one of the more fun experiences in this process. I felt like a spy in the many looks and it reminded me of why we all love to dress-up when we are young. Through these moments I thought about how dressing for the occasion and putting on your best face helps you to prepare for whatever is in front of you. Why do you wear a suit to an interview or a uniform to a game? It is to ensure you fit the part, you meet expectations and you go in with your best foot forward. While the clothes are only the face, they mentally support you through your entire process. The dress can be your inner confidence which carries you through any circumstance at hand.

So why does this matter right now, for what I am about to face? Well there are a couple of reasons: 1) I had to buy new clothes for the surgery and healing process…apparently my work attire and heels were not going to cut it for recovery, and 2) I want to make sure I have my game face on. The game face is how we get to this discussion, I needed my inner Wonder Woman – and luckily this year, before my move, I had already planned on dressing up like this amazing superhero for Halloween. Knowing I had Wonder Woman in the wings, I went to dig in my closet and find my attire, gathering the last bit of confidence I need to carry myself through tomorrow and the days that follow.

Wonder Woman
Found my inner Wonder Woman under the tree to carry me through

Now I am ready! Tomorrow I head to the hospital at the break of dawn and put my recovery into the hands of my amazing doctors. While I have to spend one night (which I vowed I would never do in a hospital) I know that I am going to come out better on the other side. A friends daughter asked me today if I would be in the Children’s Hospital because she thought that is where I belong – this gave me a good laugh and also made me realize that fun and laughter is what is going to carry me through.

The support you all have shared is amazing, I could have never imagined feeling surrounded my so much love and strength. While I would like to have more time to return messages and talk to everyone, please do know that I appreciate the texts, cards, gifts, prayers and thoughts which you are sending. I will share an update as soon as I am able and you better believe I will be chomping at the bit to get my keys back.

Much love!

– My inner Wonder Woman

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