Recovering from Magic

Back to life, back to reality!  Returning from vacation was a little bit tougher this time around.  I am grateful to have had our little getaway to Disney this past weekend as it was an amazing time!!   From the moment I stepped off the plane I felt fancy free and was ready to step away from reality.  After a couple of hours I realized I had actually left home without my laptop and it was the first time I can remember since I started my working career…and I have to say that is progress.  This is also something which I want to ensure my team can do as well knowing how it made me feel unbelievably refreshed in just a few days — I am marking it down as a goal for next year!

JPAP_Magic Kingdom
Still smiling after walking into the Magic Kingdom around 10 pm our first night,

With my laptop at home and no other responsibility we took full advantage of our time to enjoy all that Disney has to offer.  One of the best parts of my weekend was watching someone else see everything for the first time.  There is nothing better than not having a care in the world and enjoying time with someone who is having just as much fun as you are. And with that I call our weekend getaway a huge success!  Now I just have to figure out how to keep the magical spirit alive in Nashville.

Since coming back late Sunday, albeit in the midst of the fertility treatment (egg freezing) I have been much more tired and have had to slowdown a bit.  I usually move so fast I don’t see much of what is happening around me, or have as many personal conversations as I would like or just take in the moment.  The time which others have taken to wish me well, send me thoughts and prayers and just check-in with me in general has been mind-blowing and extremely heart warming.  Each day I am going to try and take a few minutes of gratitude to start my day as I am thankful for all of the people I have around me.  I am not naive enough to think this will always be my pace but I hope by documenting my experience and little daily lessons I will remember what I am learning along the way.

A couple of weeks ago when I got my results I told my family that I would be through this in a month or so –clearly still in denial.  Now I am aware that this process is going to take a bit longer than I would have liked, longer than recovering from the shock of returning to real life from Disney World that is for sure!  I am still finalizing dates and a treatment plan as my team of doctors have continuously been working schedules so that I can start as soon as this fertility treatment is complete.  Therefore, I don’t have any exact dates to share yet, I just know that my surgery will take place within the next two weeks which will then be followed by the additional treatments.  On Friday I will go in for the egg retrieval which will be the first big hurdle to pass on this jaunt.  Once I have solidified dates for the next hurdle I will surely share.  In the meantime I plan to keep on keepin’ on with the normalcy that life has to offer.

Have a magical week!!

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