Have you ever been in a moment when you realized everything you knew had flipped turned upside down (*sing this line from Fresh Prince) and at the same time you had a feeling of complete comfort? That is where I am today.   At this hour on Thanksgiving I am usually running the Turkey Trot followed by the Detroit parade which all leads into our family dinner at halftime of the Lions game.  Instead, this morning I am headed out on my flight to Disney with a very general plan to be carefree and cut out the rest of the world.  My tradition may return next year and I will deeply miss my family time (and Mom’s pumpkin pie) but here I sit happy to be just where I am. The circumstances which led here may not be ideal but hey,  it led me to go see the mouse!

In the last 24 hours I have been thinking of  all of the people who have graciously helped me or reached out over the last few weeks and for all of you I am thankful. I feel that I am now prepared more than ever to take on the battle ahead.  

**Be aware: I get personal with treatment plans if you keep reading  (just in case you don’t want to know the details)**

Over the past few days I have continued my breast cancer education and awaited test results to determine my healing plan. After a second opinion I have decided I am very happy with my team through St.Thomas Hospital and am working with my four doctors to line everything up.   The team is moving swiftly and in just the last 48 hours I have kicked off my journey as I began the process to harvest eggs prior to any treatment.  This necessity was a bit of a shock at first so my doctors helped me to understand my options and with the luck of optimal timing I am already on the path to have an “insurance policy” for my future life choices.  While I am still awaiting one more result for the receptor test,  we learned my cancer is ER+ and PR+ so the team is working on first choice options for surgery and additional treatment.   This won’t be solidified until all results are back but in the meantime we are scheduling time on the books since I have decided on a bilateral mastectomy.   I will know more next week after we all take a much needed break from the cancer talk!

This week I was pleasantly joined by a lifelong friend who got me through all of my appointments with lots of laughter and she also purchased my celebratory pinata which we will break open as soon as we beat this!  It is always nice to have a rainbow pinata to look forward to…if you don’t have one for lifes occasions you may want to consider it. For now I am going to kick back, relax,  and enjoy my flight while knowing all is as best as it can be and we have done everything possible to take aggressive action.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your turkey and pumpkin pie. Go Lions!!!!

Notes: I haven’t located spell/grammer check on the mobile app so just ignore those you find 🙂  And if you would like to know when new posts occur, please select follow on the site and you will get an email when I make an update.

Days when you are getting test results from your doctor while waiting for prescriptions at Target supported by your pinata.

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